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This page is for most of the different types of hoof stock, from horses to llamas.
FYI's - Hoof Stock
Horses, mules, ponies, donkeys, cows, steers, goats, and even a llama or two can be found here. Some are pets, others work, while a few get to live the natural free life style. Below are all sites that relate to them.

Get Along little pony   MooOther Hooves

The animal section contains almost 30 pages and 1,500 links along with information, about animals and insects ranging from the average house cat to elephants. Even a little animal humor is sprinkled around.
This handy pop down menu will quickly take you to the different sub pages of this section.

Looking for a new pet don't forget to check the shelters!

Have a page about an animal(s)? Send me the URL.
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Get Along Little Ponyhorse

American Assoc. for Horsemanship Safety

Anvil Mag.

Arabian Horse Breeders Network

Arabian Horse Times

Arabian Horse World

Breeder's Cup

California Reining Horse Assoc.


DJ Bar Ranch

Driving in Color

Dusty A Ranch

Equine Law Web

Equine Rescue Net

Equine Sanctuary

Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center

Foster Family

Horse Country



KBrezins Walking Horse

My Horse Barn

North Dakota Quarter Horse Assoc.

Quarter Horse Directory

Performance Horse Mag.

Ridgefield Painted Horse Ranch

Sand Ridge Farm

The Horseman's Advisor

Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Associaton

Thoroughbred Times

US Dresage Federation

US Trotting Association

Dusty A Ranch MOO's Place

NetVet-Cow page

Texas Longhorn Breeders Association

The MOO-COWeteria

Boer Goats

Breds of Livestock

Castalia Llamas



LiveStock World

Miniature Donkeys

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

PigPals (potbellied)

Yellow Wood Llamas

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