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This section for any one who like the little critters, you know like cavies (guinea pigs), hamsters, mice, pet rats, gerbils, chinchellas, and so on.
Little Critters/Petshamster
The animal section contains almost 30 pages and 1,500 links along with information, about animals and insects ranging from the average house cat to elephants. Even a little animal humor is sprinkled around.
This handy pop down menu will quickly take you to the different sub pages of this section. (* are link pages)
Looking for a new pet don't forget to check the shelters!

Have a page about an animal(s)?Send me the URL.
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Rodents as Pets
Gerbrals &Hamsters
Complete Hamster Site

de Hamster Planeet (German text)

Hamster Tales

How to Keep a Gerbil

The Gerbils Color Palette

The American Gerbil Society

The Dylan Hamster Site

Tucker and Trinket

Cavy (guinea pigs)

Cavies Dot Com

Cavies Galore

Cavy Care

Cavy Clubhouse


Guinnea Pig Adoption Network

Guinea Pig Compendium

Guinea Pig Page

Guinea Pigs Online

Hunteer Valley & Central Coast Cavy Club (au)


North Queensland Cavy Club

OinkerNet Guienea Pig TeleVision

Piggy Palace

The Home for Unwanted & Abandoned Guinea Pigs

Mice & Rats
American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association For the Love of Rats



Rat & Mouse Club of America
Cherubic Chinchillas

Glider Central

Huggable Pets (chincillas)

International Sugar Glider Association

Mandy's Chinchella Planet

Ruth's Sugar Glider

The Chinchilla Club