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Coffee Break

There is no storage of sites that deal with coffee. Below you will find links to many different sites.

Now fill-up your mug and enjoy!

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This page is links to other websites that may offer what you are looking for. However I too have a few pages, you might find of interest.



The tags are only a rough guide, since many websites, are often brewing up new things.

  • c - coffee sales,  most sites fall into this group, these all sell roasted coffee at retail
    e - equipment, these sites offer some type of equipment for home usage
    g - green (raw) beans, sell raw beans
    i - information,  this can cover a wide range of subjects; tips, recipes, terms, etc.
    h - coffee house, these sites are about a real Coffee Cafe, not virtual
    l - link sites
    o - other
    p - personal page, these can cover a wide range, from tips to humor
    r - home roasting, these sites are offering something for the person who wishes to do their own roasting at home
    s - coffee service
    w - wholesale, just that, for commercial retailers, larger commercial machines, services, bulk coffee and information
    z- humor/entertainment
    * - while many sites will cover the same subject, the "*" will let you know there is something unique here.
A - B
  Aloha Island  (c)

Astra (e, w)

Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co. (c,e)

Barclay's Coffee & Tea  (c,i,h) 

Barista Coffee School (o)

BD Imports (g, w)

Better Beans  (c, g,i,r)
Bloggle (p)

Boyd's Coffee Company  (w)

Broadway Cafe (c)

Buzz Strongs Coffee Cookies

  Cafe Britt (c, i) 

Cafe Campesino (c,g,i*,w)

Cafe Mam-Royal Blue Organics  (c)

Cafe New Orleans  (c,e) 

Capulin Coffee (c,i) 

Carriage Works: Espresso Carts   (e,w) 

City Brew Coffee (c)

Coffee Anyone???

Coffee Complex  (c,i)

Coffee Crew (i*)

Coffee Guys (c)

Coffee Pause  (s)

Coffee Science Source  (i)

Coffee Source (c)

Coffee Source (i)

Coffee Heaven  (c) 

Coffee Universe  (i) 

Community Coffee (c,i)

Cool Brew (o)

D - N
  Dancing Goats (c)

Don Franciso's (c)

Elan Organic (w)

Espresso Parts (e)

Espresso Planet (c,e)

Flying Bean (c,i,w)

Fresh Coffee Now (c)

Gaggia: Coffee machines  (e,w) 

Green Mountain Coffee (c)

Gillies Coffee (w)

Humboldt Bay (c,i)

International Coffee Organization (w)

I Need Coffee  (i)

Italcaffe (c,w)

Hawthorne  (c)

High Country Coffee (g)

Highlands Arabicas (g)

Jeremiah's Pick (c,w)

Keurig (c,e)

Koa Coffee Plantation (c, g,w)

Kona Joe (c)

Maui Coffee Roasters (c) 

Modern Process Equipment (w)

Molokai Coffee (Hawailan) (c)

Nespresso (c, e)

North Coast Coffee (c,e)

O - Z
  Old World Coffee Store (c)

Paradise (c)

Peets (c)

Probat Burns (w)

Resources For Home Espresso (i,p)

Royal Coffee  (w,i) 

Salt Lake Roasting Co. (c,i) 

Salvatore Espresso Systems, Inc  (w,e)

Send Coffee  (c)

Summit Coffee (c,i)

SupraMatic, Coffee, Espresso & Cappuccino Machines (w) 

Sweet Maria's (g,i,r) 

The Coffee Corp (c, e)

The Coffee Critic  (c,g,i,o)

The Coffee Review (c,i)

The Second Cup Coffee Company (i,w) 

Urnex (w) 

    Just read for a while  
  Coffee: Resources for home espresso Fresh Cup Magazine

Lucidcafe Intercative Cafe and Information Resource

Specialty Coffee Association of America