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This page is for helping you find your missing snake! 

  <>Your Snake Went Out for a Change of Scenery 
Finding Your Escaped Snake
The animal section contains almost 30 pages and 1,500 links along with information, about animals and insects ranging from the average house cat to elephants. Even a little animal humor is sprinkled around. 
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 To error is human...and are we more human some days than others! 

Hours of searching, you are ready to pull out your hair, the most difficult thing you have ever done... finding that darn snake. After all how many places could a 7' boa hide?????? 

Of course you know he/she is the house, after all you didn't leave the door or windows open did you? 

Many like to escape at night, when they know we are sleeping. However there are those guys, who like to check out the world while we work. 

First do you have any other pets, that might look like a snack? The white kitten my look like a short eared rabbit. Put all pets that may be in danger in a safe place! 

First places to check behind the the guys home, on the floor, and along the baseboards, etc. If not there, curtain rods, bookcases (behind the books), cabinets, etc. 

Ok you've not found him?  

Time to get out the tools  

1. flashlight 
2. yardstick 
3. mirror (hand held)

First use the flash light (with or without mirror). If you still can't tell probe gently with yardstick. 

Check behind and under all furniture, bookcases, kitchen appliances, etc. Pull cushions for chairs and sofa. Don't open the hide-a-bed!! He could be wrapped up in it. Check any furniture, that may have rips, like the bottom of the box springs. Check the closet, after all you could think of it as Spring house cleaning. Check every box, bag, basket, and so on. Check the trash cans. 

Still haven't found him? 

Check under and around the dishwasher (in access panel), oven (in bottom), washer and dryer area. Any holes to the outside? Don't forget to check the toilet, and bath room fixtures. 

Still no snake...don't worry. 

We just won't play fair anymore. 

Time to go to bed, but first: 

Leave his enclosure open, after all he may decide that is no place like home. 

Grab some corn starch, sprinkle a thick strip across the doorways. In the morning if he has crossed from one room to another you can see where he was heading. 

O.K. he likes the room he is in. (corn starch untouched) 

All is fair in love and war. 

Get a box, close and seal. Cut a hole just large enough for him to slither in. Cut some very small holes on all four sides to let the ripe aroma of his snack escape. 

Place his favorite food in the box, something like a nice warm dead gerbral, mouse, or rat.  

Leave or go to bed. 

If everything works out great, he will slither in and eat his snack, and not be able to get out. That nice little lump is just too big to pass through the hole. 

Now that you have found him, and he is safe. Time to fix any dangers you might have found while searching for him. Sew up the holes in torn furniture, duct tape holes in walls, etc. 

Red my boa has escaped 3 times so far. As I'm saving to get him a real enclosure, he now lives in a 75 gal fish tank.  

The first time he got loose it was straight up the wall to the curtain rod. Stronger top, bungie cords were added to top.  

The second time, behind the books, more weight and bungie cords added.  

The third time, in the cabinet under the fish tank, tighter cords. 

From the old days 

One 5' Indian Rock Python, pushed open the one air vent that had not been nailed in. Her enclosure was in the living room of the townhouse. She was found in the back of the closet of the back bedroom on the second floor. Total time she had to escape 3 hours. Total time to find her 4 hours. 

One full grown Rosy boa, in the pet shop. Some one forgot to lock the tank. Found when the cash register ran out of paper. 

Never underestimate your snake's strength, ability to escape, and to get into tight places. If there is way to escape,they will find it.