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From here you can learn about all the different types of wild life. Learn the difference between an Asian and African Elephant. What animals are endangered, and what can be done for them.

coytFYI's A walk on the wild side

Herps have a page of their own - Reptiles
Marine Life can be found on the Fish page.
Hoofed are located on the Hoof Stock page.
Rescue groups are located with the shelters.

Assorted - Bears - Cats - Elephants - Endangered Species - Opossum - Primates - Wolves - Zoos
The animal section contains almost 30 pages and 1,500 links along with information, about animals and insects ranging from the average house cat to elephants. Even a little animal humor is sprinkled around.
This handy pop down menu will quickly take you to the different sub pages of this section. (* are link pages)
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Adam's Fox Box II


African Wildlife Resource

Alaskan Animals

Animal Information - Black Hills of South Dakota

Arabian Wildlife Online

Arctic Dawn

Bat line

Beaver Sanctuary

Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife

Care Instructions for Infant Squirrels

Carl Cook Photography (great photos of wildlife)

Complete Platypus

Defenders of Wildlife

Duckbill Platypus

Global Wildlife Center

Harper Gallery

Jentlewolf's Den

Joanie's Wildlife

Llamas on the Internet

Moose Facts

My Wildlife Pages

Night Creatures of the Kalahari


South-eastern Australian Bat call library

The Cyber Zoomobile

The Kangaroo Page

The Hall of Mammals

The Tapir Gallery

The Wild Habitat

The World Wide Raccoon Web

The Zoe Foundation

Unique Australian Animals

Virtual Safari

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Resources in Nebraska

Windstar Wildlife Institute

Zoo in the Wild

Bears (including Pandas)

Giant Panda Bears

Panda Bear

Panda Home


Panda's Info Center

The Giant Panda

Big Cats Online

Cat House (EFBC/FCC)

Cat Tails

Cats! Wild to Mild

Cougar Run



International Snow Leopard Trust

Mainely Felids

Save Siberian Tigers

The Cheetah Spot

Tiger Haven

Tiger Information Center

Tiger Territory

WolfHeart's Big Cats

Elephant George Elephant Miscellany Elephants of Sri Lanka
Endangered Species
Alberta's Endangered Species


Endangered Animals of the World

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Coalition

World Conservation Montoring Centre

Leadbeater's Possum Page
Chimp World

Great Ape Project

Jane Goodall

Mountain Gorilla Proctection

Primate Conservation in Vietnam

Primate Info Net

Primate Site

The Gorilla Foundation

Wolves & Wolfdogs
International Wolf Center

Monty Sloan's Wolf Park

National Geographic - Wolves

Nice Wolves (photos)

NOVA - Wild Wolves

Stormy's Wolfdog Site

Timber Wolf Information

Wild World of Wolves

Wolf Dunn

Wolf Park Home

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker

Lincoln Park Zoo Oakland Zoo Oxbow Park -Zollman Zoo

San Diego Zoo

A special thanks to Ron Wulff, Jr. where many of the animal photographs for this site came from came from.
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