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web page stuffThis page is for any one who is looking for information about most any type of bird. From the little Budgie, to the Macaw looking down from his large perch. If your interest is more for the wild ones, well the roost here too, ostrich and emu on farms up to the Barn Owl in the tree.
macawFYI's For the Birds
This section contains almost 30 pages and 1,500 links along with information, about animals and insects ranging from the average house cat to elephants. Even a little animal humor is sprinkled around.
This handy pop down menu will quickly take you to the different sub pages of this section, if your browser does not support this feature text links are located at the bottom of this page. (* are link pages)
Below you will find the following topics:
General,General Bird Care & Information, Budgie, Canary, Cockatiel, Finch, Parrots, Farm, Wild, Eagles, Owls, Societies, Groups & Rehabilitation, & Birding
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A Place For Canaries

Feather Junction Aviary

Great Backyard Bird Count

Pet Bird - Up At Six Aviaries
Sydney's Birds (sales)

The Feathered Contingency

Bird Care & Information
An Avian Resource - HotSpot for Birds (includes information & sales) Birds 'n Ways (includes information & sales) Disease of Caged Birds



Cockatiels & Lovebirds




African Greys World Planned Parrothood


Birds of Fermilab

New Zealand Kiwi Recovery Program

Ringed Teal

Scottish Capercaillie

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

The American Bald Eagle



Societies, Groups & Rehabilitation
American Bird Conservancy

Massachusetts Audubon Society

North American Cockatiel Society The National Foundation to Protect America's Eagles

The Raptor Center of U of Minnesota



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