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This page is for anyone that has an interest in fish and marine life. Links, and information about freshwater and saltwater tanks, as well as marine wild life.
All Wet - Fish & Marine Mammals
Marine life/fish sites can be hard to sort. Many times information will over lap, and of course many sites are always under construction, and may add new information. I have attempted to separate by main topic of the site, using the "Fish in General" section for sites that simply cover a wide spectrum.

Below you will find the following topics: Fish in General - Fresh Water Tanks - Ichthyology - Marine Life - Online dealers - Ponds - Clubs and Societies - Public Aquariums - Salt Water Tanks
The Animal section contains almost 30 pages and 1,500 links along with information, about animals and insects ranging from the average house cat to elephants. Even a little animal humor is sprinkled around.
This handy pop down menu will quickly take you to the different sub pages of this section. (* are link pages) 
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fishfactsFish in General
Aquaria FAQs

Aqarium Design

Fish FAQ

Fish Information Service (FINS)


The Krib

(These are great sites but not for the average hobbiest)
Calf. Academy of Sciences - Ichthyology Ichthyology Web Resources

Univ. Washington Fish Collection

Univ. Texas Ichthyology

Fresh Water
American Cichlid Association

American Livebearer Association

Siamese Fighting Fish

The Cichlid Center

Salt Water
John O's Reef Reef Aquarium Information Depot ReefRoom

Aquatic Gardners Association

Public Aquariums
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Monterey Bay Aquarium

New England Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium


Tennessee Aquarium

For Sale - Online dealers
*sites I have order from and pleased with
Aquarium Design


Aquatic Technology (reef)

Brine Shrimp Direct

IceCap (lighting)

Live Aquaria

Marine Depot

M. Reed Enterprises

Pet Solutions*

Premium Aquatics

Reef Science Aquariums


That Pet Place*

The Tropical Fish Store

Tropic Cove Aquariums

Clubs and Societies
American Fisheries Society Aqua Land Aquatic Society Ashtabula County Aquarium Club

Marine Life
Cetus's Dolphin Page


Gulf Magic; A True Story (A must read!)

Protected Marine Species

Shark Friends

Shark Mania

Sharks of Hawaii

The Cephalopod Page

UnderWatercolours (light on information but GREAT photography)

Virtual Whale Watching

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