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Halloween Party Ideas
For years children were able to celebrate Halloween in the traditional way of going for house to house saying "Trick or Treat". Knowing that there would always be a treat. However times have changed, in many areas it is no longer to practice this tradition. 

With the loss of one tradition, makes room for a new one. Well OK may be not new, but more common.........The Halloween Party.

The party may be only a couple of hours long or a over night slumber party. 

First any party worth going to must have munches! Here are some ideas to get you started:


Liver Toss - Just like the old game "Bean Bag Toss" only using liver. Decorate a large mixing bowl or bucket as a witch's cauldron.  Then have kids toss the liver (thawed beef liver, well rinsed) into the bucket.

How many words can you make from the word "HALLOWEEN"? This simple game can be played individually or in pairs. Give everyone paper and pencil. Allow a limited amount of time. Who  ever has the most words wins. If you would like a pre-printed sheet: 2 per  sheet or 1 per sheet  (you will need to use your browser's "BACK" button to return)

Lil Ghosts  - This is a handy little craft project for younger kids, or make some ahead of time as favors. 

Each ghost will require one Tootise Pop (sucker), 1 white kleenex, and a small rubber band or twist tie.

Drape kleenex over sucker, place rubber band or twist tie directly under the candy. This will make the head. Using a black marker draw on eyes.

Halloween Bingo - Make your own bingo cards using halloween pictures. I have made a small version for younger kids.  You may wish to print on card stock, however regular paper will work.  You will need to print one copy of  "Chips" these will be placed in a container to draw,
Each card sheet has four cards, "print page" will give you all four, on two pages. Set 1  -  Set 2Set 3  - Set 4

Treats 'n Guts -  Fill a large container with something disgusting like spaghetti, jello.... Place candies in zip lock sandwich bags and bury in spaghetti. Turn off lights and have the kids dig for their prizes.
OR buy little plastic prizes and place directly in container. 

Pass Along Jack - Using  small plastic Jack-o-lanterns, or a miniature pumpkin
Line up in teams. The first person in each team is given a Jack-o-lantern to place
under his chin. He must pass it to the next in line but neither may use his hands. The first team to get  it all the way to the last person is the winner. If the Jack-o-lantern is dropped ,  just pick it up and continue from there.

Little Piggies - Spread a pile of wrapped candy on a table or large tray. Give each child a container (small bag, bowl, paper cup).  Giving the children only a set time (like 30 seconds) Each child is to get as much candy in their container as they can, WITH OUT using their hands. When time is up the one with the most pieces wins. However every one gets to keep what they got.

Pin the Nose on Jack - Played just like "Pin the tail on the Donkey" .  Before the party Draw a Jack-o-lantern  (minus the nose) on a piece of poster board. Hang on wall.  Cut one nose for each child. Just before the child plays have him/her write their name on their nose. Then place a piece of double stick tape on back. 

Mummy Wrap - Break into teams of  three. Have two member s of each team on one side of the room and the other  member across the room. Give each pair a roll of white  bath tissue.  When the game starts one member must wrap the other too look like a mummy. The person must be totally covered expect for eyes. Once the person is wrapped, the must walk like a mummy across the room to their team member.  Then the other team member must carefully unwrap the mummy. Now the one who was the mummy must now wrap the other person using the same tissue. Again once wrapped, that person walks across the room. The the one waiting must repeat the process. The first time to have all three mummies walk wins. 


The Haunted Room - Great place for the kid to sleep if you are brave enough to be having a slumber party,

Cover windows with blankets, garbage bags or foil to block light.

Remove breakables!!!!!

Cover furniture with cheap black fabric. This serves two purposes: one it looks cool and most important it protects the furniture!

Floating Ghosts - Cover helium filled balloons with pieces of white cloth. Old sheets are great! Draw eyes with black marker.  You can also do ghosts by simply using white balloons and drawing the face directly on them.  Use little pumpkins for weights. 

 Wax  Paper Ghosts - Pull off a large  piece of wax paper, bunch up into a ball. Tear off two to three more pieces, drape over first piece, tie with string, yarn, rubber band... under ball. This will make the head. Draw eyes with black marker. Hang from ceiling with fishing line.

Spider Webs - Pull cotton batting apart and drape across furniture and hang in door ways. Attach little plastic spiders.

Fog - Place dry ice in a container of warm water. Rectangle flower boxed are great, because of their shape and size. Simply set on floor next to the wall. Warning keep small children away from ice.

Dead Body - Stuff old paints and shirt, place in lying position on a drip cloth or piece of plastic. Place a hat over the top of shirt, giving allusion of it being placed over a face. Fill bowls with assortment of fake guts. Open shirt and place bowl inside exposing contents, Rip open holes in other places of clothing and do same, For a extra touch garnish with ketchup.
Suggested guts:

Large sausages
Peeled grapes 
Chicken bones 
A big long dog bone ( femur) 
cold raw  wieners - break  off  ends
Beef liver, kidneys, heart, tongue

Party Favors

Homemade or Store bought, the choice is yours
There are many inexpensive favors you can send home with your guests.  After all no one should go home empty handed on Halloween night.

For the 'adult' party, a host who wants to give a 'classy favor', might be interested in Fox Chase.

BTW -  Berkeley Parents has a page on "Party Favor Etiquette"

Food and Munches

Brain Soup - Make some "Matzo Ball Soup" or "Chicken and dumplings" and add green food

Witch's Brew Punch - mix cranberry juice, frozen orange juice (with pulp), and ginger ale. Add green and blue food coloring until color becomes a disgusting gray color.
OR  Make some orange juice (with pulp) and add coloring.

Ice for the punch - Fill rubber gloves with colored water or fruit juice. Tie shut and freeze. Gently remove glove and place hand in punch. Don't worry if  finger breaks off, just toss in the punch too. (It will give it that "special touch".)
OR You could always use the traditional dry ice. Great for special effects.

Healthy Eyeballs  - Take hard boiled eggs, remove shell and cut lengthwise. Scoop out yolk, and fill hole with whipped cream cheese. Use an olive with pimento  for pupil. For the "bloodshot" look decorate with red food coloring and a toothpick.

Brain Salad - Make green jello, add red food coloring until the desired color, add  tiny fruit pieces.  If you don't happen to have a "brain" mold in the cabinet, you can make one. Use a mixing bowl for the stand, shape heavy duty  foil into desired shape. Place in bowl, will with jello.

Witches Hats - You will need a Keebler¨ fudge striped cookie (or similar), a Hershey Kiss and orange decorator icing for each hat. Turn cookie upside down so that the chocolate side is up. Use the orange decorator icing to pipe around the hole in the center. Place an unwrapped Kiss on the icing circle. Finish by piping around the base of the kiss and drawing a little bow.

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