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The Parent's Page for Easter
How to Have a Great Egg Hunt -- Eggs, Eggs, & More Eggs

As we all know any holiday with a child can be a great joy. This page is help you remember a few things that you may forget durning the last minute rush.

Hidden dangers store bought baskets:
Some of us will hear the words, "I want a bunny"

Cute little pets can grow into unwanted animals

Here are some other sites, well worth the time to visit.
Suggestion -- do something special this year

There are many kids living in homeless shelters, others with families that don't have the few extra dollars for the extras in life. Why not skip one of thoese little extras you enjoy for a day, and give a smile. It could be a New Easter dress or shoes, or even something as small as a basket of candy. It's the little things in life that count.

Now for the fun stuff, since some children are too young to use the internet, the following links are to the pages in the "Easter Kid Stuff" section.

Feel free to use as you wish, most are easy games, and pictures to color. (print & play)

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