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easter rabbitHow to Have a Great Egg Hunt
Play it Safe -- Don't Forget -- Games

Play it safe

Be ready for bad weather, locate an indoor location to use if needed.

Set-up well marked boundaries

Have adults scattered about the grounds to supervise

Moisten paper towels in water, fold and place in baggies. Great to carry around for quick clean-ups. Such as chocolate covered faces.

Be sure all candy eggs are well wrapped, you may wish to place in zip-lock sandwich bags

Hide appropriate to age groups

Figure how many eggs and how much candy you think you need an multiply by 2.5

If you have a mixed group of kids, stager the start of the hunt

Have spare baskets, for kids who may have forgotten theirs

Keep a stash of candy and eggs, for any kids who may have had problems. After all you don't want any to feel left out

If the hunt is for a non-profit group, check with local fast food stores for donations of prises. Many times they will donate, either toys from their kids meals or coupons for food/drink for prizes.

Have the video camera and a regular camera loaded and ready.

Don't forget


Special treats for kids you may not be able to eat sugar

Special needs of some children.


The following games can be played indoors or outdoors

Have a race

A Duck Pond
  1. Fill a child's wading pool with water
  2. Using a permanent marker write different numbers on the bottom of a dozen or so plastic ducks that float.
  3. Place ducks in water
  4. Give the child a fishing net
  5. Let each child catch a duck
  6. The number on the bottom of the duck, tells them what prise they have won.
Put The Egg in The Basket
  1. Draw a large basket on a piece of bulletin board
  2. Draw and cut eggs from construction paper
  3. Have each child write his/her name on an egg
  4. Place a piece of double stick tape on back of egg
  5. Blind fold child, and have him stick the egg in the basket
The Barnyard
  1. Have little sheets of paper either draw pictures or write the names of different animals
  2. Make three or four of each animal (depending on how many kids)
  3. Fold the pieces of paper
  4. Each child draws a one. They can't say a word, or show any one.
  5. When you give the word, the kids are only allowed to make the sound of the animal, or move like the animal.
  6. The first group of animals to find each other are the winners.
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