bellHappy Holidays

This section is up and running year round. However updates are only done between November and New Years Day.

As of Thanksgiving 1999 there are around 210 pages in the Christmas section. Below are the basic areas.
If you are in a hurry looking for one particular item you may wish to use the
Christmas site map, or Main site map,

Christmas Budget - Have a great holiday and still be able to afford to eat in January
Christmas Cooking - The good stuff
Christmas Entertaining - Ideas along with tips for entertaining
Christmas Fun - All kinds of fun stuff, including arts & crafts, tips and links
Christmas Shopping - Links to places that carry Christmas items
Christmas Stories  - Different types of Christmas stories.
Christmas Page Parts - Links to places that offer items you may need for you own page (graphics & music)
How to a Christmas Elf - Tips and Tricks to being a good elf.
My 2 Cents - Just my thoughts about December

Christmas is only one section of a much larger site! Please check the
Home Page for other great topics.

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