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This page has links to sites about Star Trek and other science fiction. I'm not a heavy "Trekker" however  have enjoyed the show since it's early days when it was "Prime Time" TV. I've also had a chance to meet some of the original stars, this gives it a little more meaning. So I may not wear the costumes, and gave my kids strange names, but I am a fan. I also like X-files, Star Wars, and a few others.

Star fleet
Below will find other pages that have to do with other things we do to entertain our selves. (* link pages) 

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Access Station 2

A Quote from Mr. Spock

Bad Guys of Star Trek

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Katie's Star Trek Site

Klingon Gallery

Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps

Klingon Language Institute

Star Trek (official site)

Star Trek: WWW

The Official William Shatner Site


U.S.S. StarQuest

Star Wars Kids

Star Wars Trilogy: Official Website The - Your Daily Dose of Star Wars