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This page offers several  printable patterns for kids to make hand puppets (under supervision)
Animal Hand Puppets

Below will find other pages that have to do with other things we do to entertain our selves. (* link pages) 

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These hand puppet patterns has been sized for pre-school hands.  Just enlarge graphic, for older kids.
There are several ways to use these patterns:
Down load the graphic (all are in gif), use your graphic program to size and alter as you wish. Print and cut out pieces
Print 2 copies of the page, cut out pieces.

For pre-school children I suggest sewn on felt eyes and nose. For older children store bought eyes and pom-poms may be used.
To give it a taste of the old days use buttons.

Budget tip - Go to your local second hand store. Many times an old shirt or dress can be bought for almost nothing. You may also wish to ask about the "rag pile", these are articles of clothing that are damaged, or have a stain. By using old damaged clothing you are helping the world by recycling, also a great way to get matching buttons for the eyes.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to
Bear Puppet

Cat Puppet

Frog Puppet

Owl Puppet

Basic Supplies

14" by 12" of fabric for each body
matching felt of faces/paws
matching thread
embroidery thread or fabric paint

How to make puppets

1. Trace around patterns make, remember to make 2 bodies.

2.  Sew on:

    bear - muzzle, ears, nose, eyes, and paw pads
    cat - ears and nose
    frog eyes
    owl - eyes, beak, and chest feathers
3. Either embroider or use fabric paint add
    bear - mouth
    cat - eyes and mouth
    frog - mouth
4. With right sides of fabric facing each other sew  around puppet, remember to leave the bottom open

5. Clip into curves, to keep from puckering

6. Hem bottom edge

7. Turn right side out.