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web page stuffThis page is for all the Avon Collectors, and the millions of folks who just have a bottle they want to learn about. 
Avon Collecting
Below will find other pages that have to do with other things we do to entertain our selves. (* link pages) 
Avon collecting is like most any other hobby. It requires time to study, and the cost can be very low to as much as you wish to spend. Many people started collecting Avon bottles for the wrong reason - as an investment. Now they are lucky if they can even break even. (Further down on this page is links to my graphic pages to assist beginners with identifying different items along with the year they were sold, and their approximate current value.)

I'm one of the long time collectors, almost 35 years. As a child I was not what you would call a "collector". I just liked all of my Avon bottles and kept them. Not until I grew up did I start buying other people's bottles. Now the collection is well offer 1,500 items. (many mint) 

Many people only collect one or two types of bottles, I collect it all, with very few exceptions. The plain items, the decanters, representatives items, awards ... the only things I don't collect is the jewelry (other than representative/award) and clothing.

Not being a millionaire, I do a lot of bargain hunting. I have even been known to buy some off the internet.

This section of my web site will be under very heavy construction for some time. If you don't see the item you need information for just e-mail me. I would be happy to send it to you. Please give the best description you can, how tall, color, what the label says, ...

The listed values of the items is only a guide line. Depending on where you are and the market, the prices very greatly. Also remember if you are planning to sell it you must first find a collector that collects the type of item you have, and needs one like yours. This isn't always easily done.

Wow was I surprised at how many people had an interest in AVON. There is now another person doing a page, that was very much needed Avon Lost and Found - a place to buy and sell.

By the way you can now buy straight from Avon online.

Below you will find links to the reference pages I have done. As mentioned before it will be years if ever before this section of my side is complete!

Since many people who are doing reference work, are not collectors, I have tried to sort the different items by type of item. Most are self explanatory. 

TIPS: Some items may appear to be one thing, and are actually something else. This often happens with candle holders, soap dishes, and candy dishes. If you don't find the item in one group check the other. If you still don't find it, feel free to e-mail me for assistance. 

If you are buying an item make sure you have all the parts, and that they are the correct ones! Avon has been known to do more than one release of an item, only changing it's colors. One year it may have a gold cap on one color of bottle, then next time a silver cap on a different color bottle. 

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