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web page stuffThis is a handy little page for finding the something to stimulate the brain. Everything from puzzles to museums, including places to find information and a section just for the folks interested in parapsychology. A handy source for helping with homework too.
Food for the Brain
While the internet offers lots of entertainment, it can also be used to stimulate the brain. Puzzles that make you think, museums that can show you things you may have never seen, sites written by experts that specialize in a particular subject, and even newspapers that can let you know what is going on different communities.
Below you will find the following topics:

General  Parapsychology  Museums & Institutions  Information & Reading

Other pages to this section:
Online Newspapers:

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General Stuff
Acronym Finder

All The Tests



Atlapedia Online (world atlis)

Crossword of the Day

IQ, Personality & Entrepreneurial tests

IQ Test

IQ Test (2)

Keirsey Temperament Indicator

Lateral Thinking Exercies

List of Dictionaries

Majon's IQ test

Mathematical Brain Teasers & Puzzles


Mensa International

Online Exibits @ the Exploratorium

Personality Tests


Test Your I.Q.

Tests, Tests, Tests ...

The Comar IQ

The Riddles of the Sphinx

Thesaurus Search Form

Trivial Net

Koestler Parapsychology Unit
Philadelphia Ghost Hunters
Château de Versailles

Christian Catacombs of Rome

Colorado School of Mines


Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco


National Geographic

Museum of Arts El Pais


Phil Plait's Bad Astonomy

UCMP Paleontology Museum

The Smithsonian



Britannica Online

Early America

Ice Mummies of the Inca

Bartleby Library: Great Books Online

Legal Resources


Learning Page of the Library of Congress

NationalAcademy Press


Science a GoGo

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Symbols - Encyclopedia of Western Signs & Ideograms


The Electronic Map Library

The Nine Planets

The Word Detective

Vincent van Gogh Gallery

Mensa pages
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