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If you are wanting to learn about a particular breed of cat, this will soon be the place.
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FYI's - Here Kitty Kitty
Part Two - By Breed

If you are looking for a cat, why not check the rescue groups and shelters?  You can obtain a new family member and save two lives at the same time! When you take one home, it makes room for one more in the shelter.

Remember If you are a professional breeder, you should also rescue. If your not a professional breeder, DON'T breed, spay or neuter.

Part One contains the following topics: General, Cats in General - Information, Cat Owners & Cat's Personal Pages, Humor & Fun, Famous Cats

This section contains almost 30 pages and 1,500 links along with information, about animals and insects ranging from the average house cat to elephants. Even a little animal humor is sprinkled around.
This handy pop down menu will quickly take you to the different sub pages of this section.

Below you will find the following topics:
Abyssinian,American Curl, Angora, Bengal,Birman,Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Himalayan,Main Coon,Manx, Munchkin,Norwegian Forest, Ocicats,Persian,vPixie-bob,Ragdoll,Russian Blue, Scottish Fold,Siamese,Somali,Sphynx,Turkish Angora, & Turkish Van
Looking for a new pet don't forget to check the shelters!
Have a page about an animal(s)? Send me the URL
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ABYman's Cathouse

Abyssinian Cat Rescue
Abyssinian Club

Abyssianian Breed Council

Alexy Abyssinians

Cat Fancier's Breed Profile
American Curl
American Curl Breed Description and History

Suite101 - American Curl Cats
Americal Curl Rescue Project
Cat Fancier's Breed Profile
Angora Cats in the UK    
Bengal Cats of Adventure Beach
Defiant Breeders


TenderHeart Bengals

The International Bengal Cat Society
Birman Taron Birmans Temple of the Sacred Cat of Burma
Cornish Rex
Cattery en Kennel Wei Haj We (written in English) CFA Breed Profile - Cornish Rex
Devon Rex


Main Coon

Main Coon by Verismo

Fascats Cattery Rivendell's Main Coon
Blarney CFA Manx Breed Standard


Titania Cattery


Norwegian Forest

Auxarcs Ocicats Cattery   Ocicats of North America

Purrinlot Cattery

Original Pacific Northwest Pixie-bob    
Ragdoll & RagaMuffin
JJ's Purrecious Ragdolls

Mewsicats Cattery
The Ragdoll Connection
Russian Blue

Scottish Fold
Beepafold Cattery
Cat Fanciers: Scottish Fold FAQ CFA Breed Profile: Scottish Fold
Azorez Siamese



Somali Cat Club of America Tadofa Somalis

Turkish Angora
CFA Breed Standard: Turkish Angora

Turkish Van
CFA Breed Standard: Turkish Van